Why Travel Tales?

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Imagine this. You are travelling to an interesting place with your child.

See that beautiful sculpture?’ you say.

When can we go home?’ your child yawns.

Let’s visit the Musuem!’ you suggest.

Give me your phone!’ your child demands.

Familiar conversations? Felt frustrated at not being able to enthuse children on a holiday or keep them engaged during a journey?

Well..between constant food breaks and repeated toilet breaks, I don’t blame you for losing heart!

Its draining and hard to keep children involved all along.

That’s where India Travel Tales 4 Kids comes in.

Drawing from our fascinating fables and enormous epics, dramatic history and amazing geography, here’s where you will find all that you need to keep your child engaged as your holiday across India!

Moroever, when it comes to concerns relating to children, it’s a simple equation at work. Mothers trust other Mothers!

Keeping with that, I hope to offer mothers access to travel tips and ideas from other mothers. While the primary content for the site is written by me, I am happy to have other mothers contribute guest posts. So, write in to me if you’d like to share something related to travelling in India with kids.

In a nutshell, here’s what India Travel Tales 4 Kids is and what it isn’t.

What you will find here.

  • Travel Destination Ideas
    • Places to travel to with kids in India.
    • What can kids to do in those places?
  • Travel Tips and Advice
    • Answers to questions like ‘Is high altitude safe for children?” “How do I prepare to visit a National Park with my child?” and so on.
    • Tips to keep kids occupied on trips. Topics to discuss, history to learn, ideas to explore as you travel along.
    • General travel tips – How does one get kids started with bird-watching?  How do you pack for the National Park? And so on.
  • Travel Tales
    • Tales about destinations to keep your child engaged in the journey and holiday
    • Snippets about things you will see as you travel around India.
  • Trips
    • Hiking Trips
    • Birding Trips,
    • Road Trips

What you won’t find here…

  • Advice on feeding, diapering and keeping your child happy! This is not a mom-blog!
  • Hotel Reviews and Tour-Operator Recommendations. This is not a typical travel blog either. If I do recommend something, be assured, I get no commission or kick-backs for doing so.
  • A history lesson (I love History…but this is not an Introduction to Indian History!)

So…if you are a travel enthusiast and want to discover India with your children through her stories and her myths, her history and her geography, her people and her culture, Welcome Aboard. And enjoy the Ride!



  • Anindya
    October 26, 2018 - 11:34 am ·

    Love the unique concept of your blog Mallika. There are many great places in our country to travel with kids and many more places waiting to be explored which might have some meaning and interests for kids. Will look forward to reading more regarding that. And thanks for visiting my blog ?