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History is more than a saga of kings and wars. Let’s connect the past with the world around us.

Final front cover

The retelling of myths, legends, and folktales from different traditions will delight readers young and old

Book Cover - Petu Ganesha

A Story from Indian Mythology about Bullying, Teasing, Forgiveness and More!

Book Cover - Janaki

‘Why was I not born from my mama’s tummy like my friends?’ is a question that may bother an adopted child during the early years.

Book Cover - Not from Mama’s Tummy

This is the story of a girl named Tanya who has just found out that she is an adopted child.

Book Cover - Not like Maa

‘Why don’t I look like you Maa?’ little Kavita asked her mother one day.

Book Cover - Disability and the Law

A synopsis of the judgment/order appears at the start of each chapter for easy reading.

Book Cover - Compassionate Crow

Adoption is a subject, that parents may struggle to discuss with their children.