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History is more than a saga of kings and wars. Let’s connect the past with the world around us.


The retelling of myths, legends, and folktales from different traditions will delight readers young and old


A Story from Indian Mythology about Bullying, Teasing, Forgiveness and More!

Book Cover - Janaki

‘Why was I not born from my mama’s tummy like my friends?’ is a question that may bother an adopted child during the early years.

Book Cover - Not from Mama’s Tummy

This is the story of a girl named Tanya who has just found out that she is an adopted child.

Book Cover - Not like Maa

‘Why don’t I look like you Maa?’ little Kavita asked her mother one day.

Book Cover - Disability and the Law

A synopsis of the judgment/order appears at the start of each chapter for easy reading.

Book Cover - Compassionate Crow

Adoption is a subject, that parents may struggle to discuss with their children.