Tracing Roots

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For centuries, stories about trees have been teaching people to do good and be kind…

Why does a coconut have two eyes? How can a knowledge of trees help Birbal catch a thief? How did the Bodhi tree reach Sri Lanka? Meet red silk cotton who challenges a god, a woman who takes the help of neem and tamarind trees to safeguard her husband’s life, and people who give up their lives to save a grove of khejris. Murli Thatha’s stories take Samar, Maya, Shyam, and Nisha all over India and beyond, through stories across cultures. Mallika Ravikumar’s retelling of myths, legends, and folktales from different traditions will delight readers young and old, while Swati Kharbanda’s awe-inspiring illustrations showcase the staggering beauty of the trees that surround us.

Author: Mallika Ravikumar

Illustrator: Swati Kharbanda

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