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As a writer, Mallika knows how to be sensitive to the subject yet stay compelling to her readers. She’s honest but not rude; she’s persistent but not invasive; she’s simple but not plain. While keeping the writing easy, she manages to weave intense causes with practical perceptions. Her stories are not just a reflection of the society she works for, they also reflect the sincere person that she’s. And lastly, to an editor, she is perfect because come what may, her stories always meet their deadlines.

Boski Gupta
Editor, Free Press Journal
Mallika brings out hidden gems from mythology for children. Petu Ganesha is one more beautiful addition to this collection. The story of Ganpati and his curse on Chandrama or the Moon is beautifully narrated in a style that would be fun as well as educative for young readers. The illustrations go well with the narrative that teaches children to be humble and appreciative of others even if their physical characteristics aren't attractive. The story includes anecdotes about Ganesha and the Moon. The whole ensemble is a treat not just for children but adults too.
Vineet Agarwal
Author of Parshuram and Bharat, Penguin Books
I would want to thank Mallika for her exceptional summer-camp on Trees, conducted in the beautiful surroundings of the IIT Bombay campus. My 12-year old daughter enjoyed each and every bit of the camp. It gave her a greater understanding of trees, as very small yet significant details were presented in the most exciting way, which built in tons of curiosity. The best part being the stories behind the origin, name, etc. of the trees. This fascinated her and she definitely looks forward to more and more of it.
Radhika Juneja
Mallika has been instrumental in coming forward to take story-telling sessions for children under the umbrella of CaN Story Telling cloud for various schools across the country. Her sessions are well enjoyed and children learn a number of new things and like her style of narration.

Manoj Kabre
Founder, CaN Foundation