Disability and the Law

Disability and the Law

In India, the judiciary continues to play a crucial role in ensuring that persons with disabilities enjoy the rights guaranteed to them under the laws as it exists today and this edition takes a look at some such judicial orders that have had an impact on the rights of persons with disabilities in the areas of education, employment, accessibility, mental health, housing etc.

Judgments and orders in individual cases as also in petitions filed in public interest have been included and placed into chapters based on their subject. Citations have been provided for cases that have been reported. A synopsis of the judgment/order appears at the start of each chapter for easy reading.

A write-up various statutes, regulations, and cases affecting the rights of persons with disabilities in the United States are also printed in this edition to enable comparison of case law in India and the United States.

We are confident that this edition will be a valuatle resource material for activities, DPO’s NGO’s, lawyers, journalists and judges with the view that it will serve as a precedent for the persons with disabilities similarly placed.