The Case of the Missing Turtles

About the Book

A poor fisherman in Maulsari named Surmai Jadhav is picked up by the police one afternoon and after that, there is no trace of him! His young son Shimplya seeks help from the M4 – Meera, Malhar, Mirchi and Munna, who jump in to investigate.

As they begin to make enquiries, they find out that Jadhav had been arrested for poaching turtles and breaking the wildlife protection law. But they also find out that someone else has planted the turtles in Jadhav’s boat, and that the poor fisherman was being framed. But who was doing that? And where was Jadhav?

As they dig further, Team M4 unearth astonishing secrets about the ugly animal poaching saga that is rampant in India. From horrific pet shops to distant village shandies – they cast their net wide as they don disguises and go undercover to help bring the poor fisherman home. As they do so, they meet wildlife poachers and forest department officials, discover the wildlife laws in the country, and understand that protecting the environment is not as straightforward as it seems.

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