The District Cup

The District Cup wins Big

About the Book

Though talented, technically-sound and quick on their feet, the Maulsari Eagles is a football team that is bogged down by tremendous challenges. There’s the mid-fielder Prithvi who wants to play professional football against his middle-class father’s aspirations; the winger Kadambini who is fighting negative attitudes and stereotypes to find respect on the field; the centre-back Mangya who performs on the streets for a living… The struggles are endless.

Their coach Siraj wants the kids to have a fighting chance. But can he clash against the unbridled wave of corruption in Indian football, especially age fraud, for them to lift the District Cup? Can the Maulsari Eagles herald a new era in the once-glorious sport? Can they strike their way through to their goal?

In time for FIFA 2022, The District Cup is the perfect novel for all budding and veteran sportspeople!

Story Behind the Story

Real or Fictional?

While the book is a work of fiction, several characters and incidents are inspired from real events. Here’s a peek into some of them.

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Age Fraud

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The Sportsman's Prayer

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