An Ode to Insects


Oohs and Aahs greet the magestic tiger
Wows serenade a lovely Bird of Paradise;
Eeeks and Eeew is the popular response
When an Insect crawls up before the eyes.

Pests and destoyers of crop we call them
A source of illness and disease;
But take some effort to find out more
And you will find their wonders never cease.

Without the intervention of an Insect
virtually nothing will grow;
From food-crops, fruits and vegetables
down to cotton, coffee and tobacco.

And what a dull world this would be
Without the prospect of flowers;
Spring and Summer can burst in colours
For the Insect has magical powers.

And while scientists toil to unravel
how Glowworms create cold light;
The world would drown in decaying matter
Without the dung beetle and the termite.

For naturally effective forms of pest control
On the Dragonfly and Praying Mantis rely;
To cheer you up when you’re feeling low
What more delightful than the Butterfly?

So, put away your list of the rich and famous
your awe for the tiger, elephant and rhino;
for it is the meek and little that matter most
It is the Insect that runs this planet’s show.

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