That Voice Inside


There is some anxiety; There is some fear
As I see the path I chose quietly disappear;
Ahead of me all is hazy, all unclear
This juncture was unexpected so I think it queer.

Yet I know I’m making the right decision
Though I can see no reason nor say with precision
Why so strong is this voice of intuition
That guides me always in moments of confusion.

There is disappointment and I can see why
I know I’m giving up without much of a try;
Perhaps this path could have lead me to a high
But I’m standing aside and letting it slip by.

For this voice I know cannot be wrong
I can hear it clearly loud and strong
Life I am aware is no song
Yet, this path is right no matter how long.

Unexpected forks along the way
Can perhaps cause one to go astray
But when this voice with me does stay
My fears I know I can allay.

It is my conscience it is my guide
Through life’s every bend and tide;
I know it will always give me a ride
This unfailing resolute Voice Inside.

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