I love Reading. And I make every endeavour to pass on that love to my Children.

When I discover a good book, I feel compelled to share the joy with others. Here’s a book about India that my children and I enjoy reading together.

Amazing India: A State-by-State Guide by Anita and Amit Vachharajani, published by Scholastic.

Here’s a Book I would highly recommend to help Children discover India

About the Book
As the title suggests, the book is arranged in a state- by-state fashion, with every state consuming two pages with interesting snippets of information.

From Wildlife to Historical Monuments, from Arts and Crafts to Cuisine and Culture, the two pages offer a lovely glimpse into every state of India.

Here are two sample pages from the book.

Amazing India page.jpg

amazing India page 2.jpg

Most books about India capture only certain central themes and events. What I like about this book is that every state gets equal importance and coverage.

Moreover, the north-east and the south, often completely left out of mainland-India-centered narratives, also get their due.
What I like about the Book
– the book contains a lot of information, but not an overdose!
– every region and state receives equal focus and coverage;
– the design and colour scheme are appealing;
– the text is minimal and balanced with plenty of pictures;
– the focus on native arts and crafts is refreshing;
– The range of insights are diverse.

My experience with the Book
I got my children this book when they were about five years old. It’s been two years and they still continue reading and re-reading with great interest.

My children have learnt much about India’s Geography, History and Culture through this book.

They love to grill me with quizzes by popping questions from what they have read in there.

One of my sons who loves geography, often uses this book to play a game where he covers all the other content of the page except the state map and asks us to guess what state it is. Simple as it might seem, it often isn’t!

Discover the fun and joy for yourself.

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