For Parents

A Note-Tour through India!

You have handled currency notes multiples times. But have you stopped to take a closer look at them? Take a peek…you will find our history and heritage hidden in there! Let’s begin the tour with Rani ki vav.

Shivaji : A Life in Art

Art can be a beautiful medium to introduce children to History. If you wish to look beyond the jingoistic Bollywood style of presenting History, Dhurandhar’s paintings of Shivaji are a great place to begin.

The Poop Book!

A review of a delightful book for kids about Poop. The Poop Book is a window into discovering the fascinating world of Animal Poop!

Make the Time to Stand and Stare!

Your child rattles off the names of the Big Five of Africa and yet knows not five trees or birds in your backyard? Well then, it’s time to head out! And here’s all you need to get started.