Not from Mama’s Tummy


About the Book

This is the story of a girl named Tanya who has just found out that she is an adopted child.

An uneasy restlessness takes over Tanya when she gets to know this and her teacher decides to help her find her peace by telling her a story.

The story does its magic and at the end of it, Tanya discovers that being different is actually quite cool and gains new-found confidence!

Read the Story that Tanya’s teacher tells her. Discover how Tanya gets back the spring in her step!

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Editor’s Note

Here’s what the Editors at Juggernaut had to say about the Book:

Not From Mama’s Tummy by Mallika, is a story about an adopted girl who learns she is adopted and tries to come to terms with it. Her teacher helps her in this regard by telling her stories from nature where birds and animals look after the offspring of other species, and also a story from possibly one of the epics. It also contains a strong message about how parenthood is something that manifests through deed and not merely through the blood. The use of stories from nature seemed a good way to offer a little bit of trivia to young readers and a convincing way to drive the message mentioned before.


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