Why Travel Tales?

Mothers trust other Mothers. That’s the simple premise of this blog. Not the typical mom or travel blog, India Travel Tales 4 Kids is a place where you’ll find everything you need to travel around India with kids.

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Batting for Bats

Bad-blood for Bats post Covid-19 has created a lot of mis-understanding about these benign creatures. Join Sahar and Batman in their batty adventure to learn more about how our lives are better because of bats.

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A Note-Tour through India!

You have handled currency notes multiples times. But have you stopped to take a closer look at them? Take a peek…you will find our history and heritage hidden in there! Let’s begin the tour with Rani ki vav.

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Shivaji : A Life in Art

Art can be a beautiful medium to introduce children to History. If you wish to look beyond the jingoistic Bollywood style of presenting History, Dhurandhar’s paintings of Shivaji are a great place to begin.

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How did India get her name?

Among the first events that take place in an individual’s life is the ascribing of a name. Whether one has an elaborate naming ceremony or is merely quietly assigned a name, when a child is born – he or she is given a name. For with a name, a person acquires an identity. A differentiating […]

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