About Me

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I used to argue for a living. Now I write! India has been home and fascinates me no end. I love History – both natural and man-made. I enjoy engaging with children.

I’m bitten by the travel bug. And I absolutely love Writing. I tossed a bit of all these in together and India Travel Tales 4 Kids was born! I also write on a variety of other subjects..for young and old, the serious kind and the profane!



What I Do

Research, Writing and Curating Curation for Historical Projects. Talks on History with the endeavour of Making History Interesting for Adults and Children

Teach History at Dept of Vocational Studies at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai and ISDI 

Story Telling for Children. Discovering History and Mythology with Children

Writing for Children. Writing Features Articles for Newspapers. Content Writing for Select Projects

Conduct Tree Walks for Adults and Children. Writing Tree Stories for Children